24-Month Warranty

Each Allcall purchased from an authorized re-seller has a 24 month warranty from the date of purchase, and our warranty covers all quality or manufacture related issues. It may be necessary for phones to be sent for testing to uncover any problem.

How to return your AllCall product

AllCall products are sold through official re-sellers. Any warranty or return should be handled through the company the device was purchased from. If you have any questions regarding this please contact the re-seller where you AllCall device were bought.

Warranty Policy

 Please, read these Warranty policies! It is very important! 

1. According to the official agreement, all after-sale support must be provided by the web-store where the Customer purchased the device. 
2. We are respecting our retailers Warranty Policy. If a dispute arises, the policies of the web-store will prevail over the policies of the manufacturer. 
3. All AllCall devices have 2 years of warranty, unless the Warranty Policy of the retailer say otherwise. 
4. In the event of disputes between the vendor and the customer, AllCall can serve as referee between them. These rules only apply to the Authorized dealers.
5. Authorized dealers - retailers who immersed official permission to sell AllCall devices. Such vendors usually listed in the Buy section of our official web-site.
6. AllCall is not responsible for any promotions that the retailers running, unless it is joint promotion, running by AllCall and the certain retailer. That usually mentioned on AllCall‘s official web-site of official Face book page.