Aurora glass back cover with changeable color
More fashionable

AllCall's team designed and explored a discolored Aurora coating process
to achieve a distinctive color matching - Phantom Blue and Phantom
Purple. With the change of angle, the color of light changes, such
as the aurora. Plus the extremely comfortable anthropological
arc makes people even more fond of it.

6.22" 19:9 Waterdrop screen, Breathtakingly new vision

Put the front camera into a ting droplet notch condenses , this breakthtakingly new vision offers
impressive screen-to-body ratio, makingthe front look unprecedentedly smooth and classy.

The new gradient color-Breathing Crystal

More than classic. we add a new gradient color Breathing Crystal. Inspired by the crystal clear azure sky,
like mirrors the dramatic color of endless light. And with double-sided 2.5D curved glass as well
as the metal frame, everything feels solid in your hand.

The beauty of the backlight Light and shade degree

AI HDR+ intelligent optimization, accurately capture color details under backlight, between
light and dark, not constrained by light, blooming the beauty of backlight

Rear dual AI camera, more professional camera

Special 16 MP + 5 MP dual camera design, F2.0 large aperture, more clearly restore details
and color. Advanced AI cameras can intelligently recognize a variety of scenes, and beautify the
area intelligently. The blue sky is bluer and the portraits are more beautiful.

AI Wisdom Photography,
Upgrade Your Beauty

13MP high-resolution lenses can stand the test of
perfect self-timer regardless of dark light, backlight;
through Al intelligent recognition, according to
differentscenes to provide softlight,butterfly light,
side light and other 3D portrait light effect, so that
you have studio-level beauty.

Octa-core MediaTek Helio P23 Further improve

Powered by an octa-core 64-bit MediaTek Helio P23 processor, the AllCall S10 can offer
massive gaming and video performance with reduced power consumption. And with
the 4GB RAM, the AllCall S10 is able to handle your daily tasks with smooth access
to any of your apps, offering excellent multitask capability.

4GB RAM + 64GB ROM Storage

This is Megamerger GB RAM storage, with upgraded  processor, provides you better
using experience of multitasking and large game; while 64GB allows you to
keep more things than your expectation.

Double unlock-face recognition and fingerprint sensor

AllCcall S10 uses a new face recognition technology. The front camera intelligentizes
13 million pixels and captures 1024 face features. The recognition process is as fast
as 0.2 seconds. The screen islighted instantly when the screen is unlocked. Postpositioned
fingerprint sensor can input ten different fingerprints; double protection, more secure
to sensitive information.

3800 mAh polymer battery

AllCall S10 is equipped with a 3,800 mAh battery and a sophisticated fast charging
technology that never needs to worry about power shortages. In addition, with the
optimization of hardware and system, it will have a longer service life and make it
easier for you to deal with daily use.

Android 9.0 make life intelligent and efficient

Based on Android 9.0 in-depth optimization of the pure version of the system, with a new interactive
interface, so that your operation is simplified; security management upgrades again, better
protection of security and privacy.