AllCall W2
allcall w2

5.5″ Small screen 5.7″wide horizon

AllCall followed the trend to apply the full screen technology to S1, aiming to provide both awesome
hoding and wider display.The screen is made by TFT IPS with 178°full-view, which is
quite clear even under the sunlight.

The new dual glass cover makes the thickness
down 20% and toughness up 30%

AllCall engineers made further progress on drop-resistance of the screen. Compared with
last model, this one is down 30% in screen thickness and up 20% in toughness, largely
lowing down the risk of screen break. The edge of screen was polished with
2.5D chamfer, making it perfectly round and elegant.

Facing the challenge directly
AllCall S1passed the new round of violence test

AllCall S1 remains undamaged after being droped, smashed, or crushed by weights. What the dual
glass cover technology brings is not only an improvement, but also a leap.

Double CNC metal trimming

we are making efforts to provide the high-quality product

The whole body of S1 was made by metal, with double CNC trimming in the front and back side of the middle bezel, shinning
the metallic lustre and texture, furtherly upgrading the high grade. The solid body gives more protections to the screen
and mainboard. Specially-selected materials and exquisite craftsmanship make the high-quality product.

5000mAh large battery
ensures more than 7 days standby

Built-in ATL 5000mAh high-density Li-polymer battery, S1 could guarantee more than
7 days duration, preventing you from charging everyday. No matter on business
trip or journey, S1 can give you longer companionship.

5000mA battery
″safety″ can be cleary seen

S1 used the ATL battery cell which is widely used in the
well-known international brands due to its high security factor
and advanced technology. Besides, as for the structure, here is
a specially-designed stainless steel protective cover in the surface
of the battery to isolate the cell, in case of any accidental damage
that might cause potential safety hazard.

Total four cameras packed, more funs on photoing

Both the rear and front cameras are designed as the most famous dual cameras nowadays. Automatically
increasing the DOF, bluring out the background, all in one, bringing more funs on your daily photoing.
Using 8MP Sony IMX175 chip, the rear camera is extended to 13MP pixels via optimizing the algorithm,
with a 2MP assistant camera which can largely improve the image quality.

2.0MP Sony IMX132 front camera

which after extension, could reach up to 5MP, capable
of background bluring as well.

Quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM

As an entry-level smartphone, S1 packed MTK quad core processor, 2GB RAM, able to run
most of the APPs in the market. 16GB ROM can insure you to store thousands of songs
and ten times of pictures. Mass storage is at your diposal.

Google GMS certified Android 8.1 system

Android 8.1, as the latest Android operating system, enjoyed the widespread popularity
due to its fluency and multifunctions. Meanwhile, to satisfy the increasingly security
demands from consumers, S1 passed the Google certified test which insures consistent
experience of the end products. You can download any of the APP you like from Google
Play Store without worrying its compatibility.