Kospet Hope

The texture of Faux leather back cover
Create an elegant identity

The top and the circumference of the back cover are made
of faux leather,clean markand f ine texture make the
phone more elegant and luxurious.

Classical inheritance
sustainable innovation

The double glass cover technology of Rio have gained wide
approval because of the double glass cover technology,so we
will update the technology of Rio X,use the lighter and thinner
glass cover to reduce the weight of the machine and greatly
improve the drop resistance.

Unique eight-curved and mellow body design

In design we use the full curved surface,on the front we use a glass cover with a thickness of 1.1mm and
grinding the 3D curved surface around the glass cover. The back is a four-curved back cover, the front
and back make up a complete eight-surface. When you hold the phone, you will feel the back cover
f its perfectly into the palm of your hand, bring you the excellentHolding.

Double-sided CNC trimming
Bring you accessible texture

Use full metal frame,double-sided CNC trimming and sandblasting, oxidation processes to
show the metal texture incisively and vividly.

5.5" 18:9 large screen, wider view

5.5” high-definition screen and 18:9 LCD glass,smaller size, larger display area.
LCD glass is made of TFT and IPS display technology with high contrast and
high brightness features, the color display is rich and delicate.


5MP front camera
Self-timer effect is clearer

Rio X's front camera uses Sony's IMX132 chip, which has the advantages of high definition
and fast camera speed. By expanding the photo size to 5MP by software, you can
retain the original photo effect and greatly improve the display effect.

Rear dual camera, keep every magic moment

Rio X uses rear 13MP+2MP dual cameras,the main camera is the Sony IMX179 chip which can
clearly capture the beautiful scenery you want, even in dimly lit or backlit environments.
Taking pictures with dual camera, the background will be blurred, the portrait will
stand out,and the beauty will be more natural.

2850mAh large battery to support your every day

2850mAh lithium battery, can achieve 168H long standby. With the power-saving mode, you can
moderately use it for two days, ensuring that your every trip is full of energy.