AllCall S1 VS Leagoo M9, which one is the best budget smartphone?


The new AllCall S1 5000mAh large battery smartphone has been well received by its customers since official launch. Compared with its competitor Leagoo M9 which also has very good performance in the entry level phone field, AllCall S1 seems to have better performance for lower price. Below is a detailed comparison of the two smartphones from the perspective of appearance, main features and price.

AllCall S1 VS Leagoo M9


From the above picture, we can see that both of the phones look sleek and classic at the first sight. About the screen size, AllCall S1 seems to have a little bigger screen than Leagoo M9. But the fact is that the two phones have the same screen size of 5.5 inch as both the official spec shows. It is just the larger screen-to-body ratio(85%) that makes AllCall S1’s screen look bigger(M9 screen-to-body ratio is 80%). Of course we can’t say which phone looks better, for tastes may vary from person to person.

Main features:

Main features

AllCall S1

Leagoo M9




front camera



Rear camera




Android 8.1

Android 7.0










We can see from the above graph that AllCall S1’s battery is nearly twice larger than that of Leagoo M9. So the former one surely has much longer duration than the latter.

As for the camera, both phones are provided with dual front and dual rear cameras. And both share the same resolution in the front camera. But in the rear snappers, AllCall S1 has better resolution of 13.0MP after interpolation. Besides, as a new phone of 2018, AllCall S1 surely boasts newer operation system of Android 8.1 Oreo, which provides more fluent and convenience using experience than Android 7.0 that M9 packed. And the two phones have something in common when it comes to internal performance, both with 2GB RAM+16GB ROM and MTK quad-core processor.

One more thing that must be noticed is the screen hardness. Leagoo M9 screen was made by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which performs well at drop resistance and scratch resistance. But AllCall S1 seems to perform better with its dual glass coating screen. And it has passed the toughest violence test where the phone remains undamaged when being dropped from 1.5m height, smashed by the hammer and crushed by a car.


Leagoo M9 is sold for 79.99$ at its official store while AllCall S1 has lower price of 69.99$. And the price would be lowered down to 59.99$ from Aug 27th to Aug 31th.

AllCall S1 real photo

In conclusion, if you are looking for a budget phone with higher cost effectiveness, AllCall S1 might be your right choice.

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