AllCall S1 smartphone: security is the first discipline


Last year, the Samsung Note 7 battery explosion issue has attracted the world wide attention. More than 30 pieces of smartphones have been found exploded or fired caused by its battery in one month since announcement, which has given a serious warning to the other smaartphone manufactures, including AllCall. 

AllCall S1 large battery smartphone

To prevent its consumers from battery explosion risk, AllCall has made double protections in its new coming smartphone-AllCall S1. On the one hand, AllCall chose the ATL cell which is widely used in the well-known international smartphone brands, like Iphone, Huawei, etc, due to its high security factor and advanced technology. On the other hand, AllCall S1 battery has been structurally protected by a specially-designed stainless steel cover on the surface, preventing it from being pierced, scratched, or soaked accidentally, causing potential safety hazard that might threat the security of its consumers. It’s obvious that AllCall always knows that the safety of customers is the first and foremost discipline.

AlLCall S1 smartphone with shinny appearance

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