AllCall S1 screen: dual glass cover makes the toughness out of imagination


When it comes to screen toughness, the AllCAll Rio smartphone might be the first one coming into our mind. AllCall RIO with glass cover of nearly 1.8mm thickness, protects the screen from damage when being dropped down from 1.5 meters' height, smashed by hammer, or even crushed by a car (You can see in the video here:

AllCall S1 tough screen

Now the newly coming one- AllCall S1 made further breakthrough on the screen hardness.  Applied the new dual glass cover technologyt, this device has been up 20% in screen hardness while lowering down 30% in the screen thickness, compared with AllCall Rio, further reducing the risk of screen-broken. Whether you are a careless person who often break your phone, or you are the outdoor sports lover in need of a tough screen, or you are appearance-oriented who dislike the thickness that glass film brought with, AllCall S1 might suit you all well. After all, increasing the screen hardness is the key solution. And changing a screen usually costs too much.

AllCall S1 anti-drop

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