AllCall S1 5.5” full screen: good looking, comfortable grab, wide vision, all in one


Nowadays almost every smartphone producers are making great efforts to bring out a full screen phone to customers, no exception for AllCall, the Chinese phone maker, who just launched its latest phone model- AllCall S1 with a 5.5” 18:9 full screen.

AllCall S1 5.5 screen

Compared with the predecessor( among the entry-level lineup)-AllCall Rio, this device has been enlarged by 0.5 inches in the screen size while the dimension of the two phones are almost the same. 5.5” screen size looks more pretty and high-tech, and most importantly brings larger display area. Meanwhile, the 18:9 screen ratio, according to a scientific survey, could guarantee that most of the users are able to reach up to the top of the touch screen normally with single thumb, thus bringing awesome grab. From that point, the 5.5” 18:9 full screen of AllCall S1 might be neither too small for visual playing, nor too big for comfortable using. 

AllCall S1 screen

As for the material, the screen of AllCall S1 was made by TFT IPS with full view of 178 degree, which is quite clear and vivid even under the sunlight. Feel free to check your messages, enjoy photographing, watch videos and anything you can seek from a smartphone under the sun. 

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