With AllCall S1 , say goodbye to power bank


Since Xiaomi Mi Max 3 has been launched, rumors have been circulating all the time that AllCall will pack the 5500mAh battery in its next phone model S1, same as Mi Max3. Recently the releasing of AllCall S1 proved that rumors are somewhat not credible. However, the 5000mAh massive battery is also surprising enough for an entry-level smartphone. In some way, it is even unprecedented because some cellulars are claimed to reach up to 5000mAh but actually not.

AllCall S1 large battery

AllCall could ensure more than 7 days’ duration once fully charged. If you just use it to make or receive phone call and send messages occasionally, the duration might shorten one or two days, but amazing as well. To be honest, according to my own experience and reports from all the people I knew, our phones have to be charged at least once a day, some may need twice or more. Seems that AllCall S1 will help solve this problem. No need to carry a power bank anytime and anywhere you go. If you are the one who depends on mobile phones in daily life just like me, checking phones whenever I’m free, watching videos, playing games or listening musics, AllCall S1 could also guarantee at least one day’s duration, worry no more about damaging the battery by playing phones on charging.


If you are looking for a long-duration phone, AllCall S1 might be a wonderful choice.

You can visit its official website here to get more other features if you’re interested.