AllCall W2 might be able to free your phone

BY: Time:2018-06-28

Smart phone is undoubtedly the most prevailed gadget nowadays, for large amount of powerful features packed on it has brought much convenience and high-efficiency both to our work and daily life. Most of us even cannot survive without it. But recently I found AllCall W2-a newly announced 3G smartwatch that might be able to free our phones. Reasons are listed as follows.

AllCall W2-3G  calling

Firstly, as a 3G smart watch, AllCall W2 provides the most basic but important function a phone does-calling. Supporting WCDMA+GSM network, AllCall W2 can be used to make or receive calls freely once getting a Nano sim card in it. Of course you can browse internet, sending and receiving messages with it. Besides, AllCall W2 supports Wi-Fi connection as well, just as all the smart phone could do. Online surfing, online shopping, or even playing games are available on it. Last but not least, AllCall W2 has the function of notice synchronization once successfully connected with phone. In this way, you can check your messages even with your phone not at hand. Generally speaking, what a phone bring to us can be found in AllCall W2 accordingly. That’s why I say it might be able to free our phones . 

W2-notice  synchronization

You can enter the official website if you want to know more information about it: