AllCall W2

IP 68 professional waterproof smartwatch
5M water proof guaranteed

The waterproof grade meet IP68-the highest protection grade
of international standard IEC60529; and the waterproof depth
is up to 5M. It can meet all your requirements of your daily
life and outdoor activities.

IP68 5M Waterproof

2.0 MP HD camera, take photos freely

AllCall W2 bring 2.0 MP HD camera, it is more convenient for you keep every fleeting good memory even if
you go some special sports such as climbing , rock climbing or swimming.

Quad-core processor supported 2GB RAM, Fluently in 500 days

W2 adopt MTK quad-core 1.3GHz processor, 2GB RAM, you can run dozens of app.
Also pure android 7.0 with hundreds of code optimization ensure
the fluently running at least 500 days!

Samsung AMOLED high-brightness display
clearly even under the sun

AMOLED uses self-luminous organic materials. Compared with traditional LCD
panels, it features a thinner screen, higher contrast, wider viewing angle, and
faster response, which is widely used in flagship device. AllCall W2 use
round AMOLED display, bring more vivid, rich color even under the sun.

AllCall W2, a smartwatch phone
support browse internet and make calling

Allcall w2 support Nano SIM card and WCDMA+GSM internet, which is just designed
as your second smartphone. Even your phone not in your hand, with
AllCall W2, make calling, receive message independently as well as more functions.

This moment, with AllCall W2 enjoying more relaxing exercise

W2 business appearance but profession in exercise which provide more scientific guidance for daily exercise. built in 9 sports
model, You can set target sport time, target calorie consumption, etc. according to your needs. After starting
exercise, W2 will record your exercise status in real time. After the exercise, you can choose
to save the exercise data so that you can easily understand the overall exercise situation.

Enjoy sports also pay more
attention to health

Correct exercise bring lot benefit for us, but
excessive or wrong exercise can damage
our health. W2 built-in heart rate monitoring
chip, wear on your wrist to detect the pulse rate,
providing more scientific and intuitive data for
the exercise process. You can adjust the
sports rhythm according to the appropriate
detection of heart rate, so that exercise is
more healthy and effective.

Information notice synchronization
won't miss any important message

Support real time we-chat, Skype, SNS notification, more information, weather news
get in real time. All fresh information can be easily in your hand.

Stainless steel bezel + all-metal body, casting exceptional quality

The rugged stainless steel bezel, after CNC machining, polishing, anodizing
and dozens of complicated processes, 10 times the hardness of ordinary metal, strong
scratch-resistant. All-metal body, tough and design able, dazzling as art.

Hot bending shaped rubber strap,
designed for sports

The strap is made of soft plastic material, injection molding and hot press
forming, which perfectly fits the wrist; Surface with honeycomb pattern, the strap
inner side with breathable design, sweat-proof, comfortable and durable.

Various different style for your 365 fresh mood

W2 built 9 sets of officially developed dial plate, you can download hundreds of different styles of dials online in the
add dial interface. whether you like mechanical style, metal style or retro style, you can switch every day.