allcall mix2

Full screen AllCall MIX2 bring wireless fast charge and 6 GB RAM

FHD+ Retina Display

Adopting 2160*1080,PPI large up to 403, even most close to the screen, naked eye can't see the Pixel.

TFT IPS   |   2000:1  |   450 cd/m²  |  INCELL  |  403PPI

Technical innovation behind the full screen

Wireless world,Wireless charging

The wireless charging technology, Revolutionary changed the charging method, brought great convenience to us. No matter where you are, airport, business hotel, coffee shop or anywhere can provide a wireless cradle place, with AllCall MIX2 enjoy the wireless charging anytime, anywhere.

10 mins Fast Charge, 5mins charging for 2 hours calling

AllCall MIX2 using Qi wireless charging technology, AllCall official wireless charger
can provide 10W charging power, fully charged only 90 minutes.
And AllCall official authorized store Simultaneous on sale since AllCall MIX2 released.

Face ID and Finger sensor, double unlock with more secure

Face ID technology in Android platform originated from android4.0, with the development
of full screen technology, this feature has been more widely used. AllCall MIX2 using a new
Face ID technology, 8.0MP front camera intelligence to capture 1024 face Features,
recognition process as fast as 0.2 seconds, complete the screen unlock in the moment
when light up the screen. Rear fingerprint sensor, you can enter ten different
fingerprints; double protection, more secure for sensitive information.

Latest powerful Helio P23 octa processor

The perfect balance of performance and power consumption

Helio P23 is the latest SoC released of MTK, 16nm process technology means lower power consumption;
eight A53 core, Frequency up to 2.0GHz, different from the previous core
architecture, the performance has been significantly improved.

Built-in Mali-G71 graphics processor, the overall performance increase of 25%, smooth running large-scale online games. Support Cat.6 network standard, The MAX upload speed up to 50Mbps and the MAX download speed is 300Mbps.

Dual channel LPDDR4 6GB RAM, 300 days without Caton

LPDDR4 is now the highest memory standard, read and write speeds up to 3200Mbps in theory,
as the core storage device exchange data with the CPU,
this rate can complete any data transfer;
6GB of running memory to ensure won't carton and Crashed.
At the same time we are equipped with up to 64GB of flash memory,
users can store more than 50 movies or 1000 music files.

16.0MP large aperture camera

backlight photo is also very clear

Rear 16 MP camera, f / 2.0 large aperture with suf f icient light, even in backlight
and dark environment can catch more details. Unit pixel up to 1.0µm, means
the photos exquisite clarity and vivid; with PDAF phase focus technology, the
focus speed increased to 0.1s, fast focus, capture more accurate.

8.0 MP HD front camera More
professional beauty Selfie

AllCall Mix 2 Front camera with a professional 8.0MP sensor and upgraded beauty software, beauty effects more natural, taking clear and vivid Selfie freely.

IML Technology,
Unique and beautiful lighting effects

Using the popular IML technology, when the light shine on the back cover, The battery cover will shine in the light with metallic luster glare, showing a unique beautiful.

Slim metal frame combined with smooth curved screen

We use the full arc CNC processing in metal frame, full integrated with the front glass
and back cover. Further adopt coating processing, increase surface gloss,
smoothness and corrosion resistance, hold in hand as fine as crafts.

Powerful optimizated Android 7 . 1
Seek for faster and more fun enjoyment.

In the deep optimizated operating system
up to more than a thousand optimization on the basis of the previous version system
Fluency increased by 30%
power consumption reduced by 20%
New high speed operating experience
will let you fall in love with.

New split screen feature

Wonderful without delay

AllCall MIX2

Wireless Fast charge
PE+Fast charge
Helio P23
Face Unlocking
Full screen 2.0

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